Kara Güt

Void 0
with Clare Gatto
Skylab Gallery, Columbus, Ohio
September 23 - Oct 7, 2017

Void 0 combines a love for clipping through stage geometry with an infinite bath. It is the culmination of work by two artists, Clare Gatto and Kara Gut, who use the machinations of a simulated world to create images of slippery definition. The show plays with various versions of input and output to reveal biology through synthetics and mythology through game design.

Downloadable Content (2017)

Reliquary (2017)

Print on its back and enjoy #1 (2017)

Print on its back and enjoy #2 (2017)

Poem on an Underground (1997/2017)

Untitled Portraits 1 & 2 (2017)

Wire Nest 2

Print on its back and enjoy #3 (2017)