Kara Güt

Intimacy Mod II (variations on a theme) - 2020, 8 min 32 sec. Another iteration of Intimacy Mod as supercut compilation. Part of Daily Rush Season 3 at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit (http://dailyrush.us/proxy/kara-gut) Editioned by Daata Editions (https://daata.art/art/intimacy-mod).

Intimacy Mod SuperCut - 2018, 9 min 20 sec. Using the mod “Immersive Lover’s Comfort” by flexcreator, “Intimacy Mod” distorts the intended narrative and replaces it with an in-game performance carried out by the player-character and an npc. Locations for each performance depend on precariousness, visibility, and absurdity, allowing two characters to obstruct the normal ebb and flow of life in the action role-playing game Skyrim.