the gamut of an inkjet printer is altogether different than the color space of a computer monitor, iPhone’s camera, or the human eye.  What is not expressed is referred to as “out of gamut”

Each gamut performance takes the shape of a 3-dimensional print, born out of a loss in translation from digital to physical.

sRGB is the colorspace of the internet.  Images are compressed and saved within its algorithm.  It is the language of color spoken fluently by all digital, image-based communities.  However, the internet is not only a carrier of images and language, but a supplier of goods and services as well.  Products born in a digital setting become realized similarly to the inkjet printer attempting to replicate the colors on the screen.  In the translation from digital to physical, the loss of information defines the object.  The result is an incomplete version of what was intended—an artifact of the digital realm, partially realized. Gamut Performance synthesizes the theoretical into the real, but not without mechanized improvisation. The resulting objects are sharp, awkward, and unsound, akin to a geode, bismuth, or some geological anomaly that holds an unexpected geometry.